Product Ressources

Academic Research


  • A Data Flow Model with Frequency Arithmetic

    1. Dubrulle, C. Gaston, N. Kosmatov, A. Lapitre et S. Louise. International Conference on Fundamental Approches to Software Engineering – FASE2019

    Dynamic Reconfigurations in FrequencyConstrained Data Flow

    1. Dubrulle, C. Gaston, N. Kosmatov et A. Lapitre, International Conference on integrated Formal Methods (IFM)

    Local Consistency Check in Synchronous Data Flow

    1. Irofti et P. Dubrulle, Formal Methods – The next 30 years

    Polygraph Tool Suite: Configuration and Conformity Validation for DataFlowBasedReal-TimeSystems

    1. Li, M. Morelli, A. Redermacher, J. Tatibouët, P. Deville, A. Lapitre, S. Gerard et C. Mraidha, eal-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS)


    Schedulabilty Analysis of real-time conditional data flow applications

    1. Li, P. Dubrulle, S. Louise et C. Mraidha, International Workshop on Timing Performance engineering for Safety critical systems (TIPS)