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  • NVIDIA Inception X Alkalee

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Academic Research


  • A Data Flow Model with Frequency Arithmetic

     – P. Dubrulle, C. Gaston, N. Kosmatov, A. Lapitre et S. Louise. International Conference on Fundamental Approches to Software Engineering – FASE2019

  • Dynamic Reconfigurations in FrequencyConstrained Data Flow

     – P. Dubrulle, C. Gaston, N. Kosmatov et A. Lapitre, International Conference on integrated Formal Methods (IFM)

  • Local Consistency Check in Synchronous Data Flow

     – Irofti et P. Dubrulle, Formal Methods – The next 30 years

  • Polygraph Tool Suite: Configuration and Conformity Validation for DataFlowBasedReal-TimeSystems

     – S. Li, M. Morelli, A. Redermacher, J. Tatibouët, P. Deville, A. Lapitre, S. Gerard et C. Mraidha, eal-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS)


  • Schedulabilty Analysis of real-time conditional data flow applications

     – S. Li, P. Dubrulle, S. Louise et C. Mraidha, International Workshop on Timing Performance engineering for Safety critical systems (TIPS)