Our target is to create the disruption that will safely open complex embedded electronics, by creating a specific layer managing safety and real time interaction between features whatever can be the operating systems or the hardware

A bit of History

Alkalee’s fondations lie in the FACE project associating one of the most innovative research institutes (top 3 in the reuters 2019 ranking) and the largest cars manufacturer.  The Future Architecture for automotive Computing Environement (FACE) was jointly designed by the CEA and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. This Electrical and Electronic platform combine zonal approach for data aggregation and power distribution with centralized computation for decision taking. Physical Interface Units manage data aggregation and power distribution in vehicle zones and interface legacy sensors and actuators with the computing system architecture around the Physical Computing Unit.

Alkalee is bringing to all eco-system the means to develop and integrate Software oriented products or features compatible with highly centralized Electronic Architecture, managing mixed-criticality on Safety and Real Time, on a domain or on a complete vehicle.

The main Technology back to basics : Mathematics

Alkalee’s core technology makes it possible to put the car in equation. An innovative Communication and Computation Model, named polygraph, allows formalizing every interactions between vehicle features. This property is leveraged by our tools to validate the ability of the computing platform to safely sustain the execution of all vehicle features.

The polygraph is also converted into embedded software to hide the complexity and the heterogeneity of the execution platform (in terms of processors and/or Operating Systems) and monitor real time communications. Equations ruling the car are verified on line, and any risk of interference between applications is lifted.