Technologies Benchmarking 

With our benchmarking offer we will help you to make your products evolve as fast as technologies.

Alkalee manage a modular platform able to host any kind of processors or embedded Software. This platform is a unique environment to test and evaluate technologies. We are able to perform benchmarking tests on various state of the art technologies (Hardware components, network, specific software components) . It allows to assess, in an automotive-grade environment, their real performances and to anticipate maturity or integration issues that may complicate their transfer into your product lines. Our benchmarking offers is the missing risk management tool that prevent you to bet on emerging technologies.

If you are proposing a new amazing feature, we can also propose to make it run on a representative environment, get feedback on performance, and help to make it more valuable. We are supporting many processors, hypervisors, operating systems, network stacks and more are coming !